Publié le 13 Mai 2010

Bonjour à tous, voilou un délire suite à la note précédente !! j'espère que la version "English" vous plaira !! ^^

à bientôt !!^^


ps: en attendant vos commentaires, en anglais, SVP !! hé hé


Don't hesitate to write your comments in english !!

for every posted comments, One euro will be paid somewhere to somebody !! lol



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yogi tougoudou 18/07/2010 16:01

By jove ! Heavens ! I must confess that I don't understand anything with this joke !

S. O 25/05/2010 21:08

Nevertheless I would have sworn that she had kissed him. so that he has a red with lip similar. Raah! You have just broken me my illusion.

y1y1 25/05/2010 16:16

Tu sais qui ca a failli etre pour le role du Joker ???

Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!! Matt Damon !!!

.... Ou pas !

DAMI3N 13/05/2010 19:47

Thanks Edel !!
I send you your euro !! ^^ ( gloups)

Edel 13/05/2010 19:00

This is a comment. Gimme 1 €. Now. ¦D

Otherwise, i like your drawing. No kidding. =P

DAMI3N 13/05/2010 17:44

About the glasses, It's especially to mask a hangover !!
And no, I'm not in love with GAGA, I just fantasize her !!
euh ...

y1y1 13/05/2010 17:24

This is not the same print that your hair's joke ? but with different color ??? Nice but first time that i see the Joker with glasses !! And I think it will be time for u to stop to listen Lady
gaga ; you speak only of her everytimes !!! )))) loveling ???

DAMI3N 13/05/2010 17:18

Maybe because I'm not also mad as him !!^^
In any case, thanks to you !!
and in the next ...

Alex 13/05/2010 16:53

So funny, as usual ! However the joker-like smile isn't enough stressed, I think, maybe you should make it a little more obvious.
Now that's said, I love it ! ^